B. Reeves Eason Jr. - Hollywood's Tragic Littlest Cowboy

B. Reeves Eason Jr, known as "Breezy" onscreen, was born on November 19, 1914, reportedly in California (according to the census). However, there is no record of his actual birth in the California State birth records. Eason Sr. put his son in films when he was barely able to walk. Known as the “Wonderchild of the Screen,” and “Universal’s Littlest Cowboy,” young Breezy grinned and laughed his way to screen fame at Universal Studios, appearing in a dozen films with such legendary actors as Theda Bara, Thomas Meighan, Hoot Gibson, and Harry Carey. In the film, Nine-Tenths of the Law (1918), Breezy was directed by his father and appeared along side his mother and grandmother, Mollie Shafer. Breezy also had the chance to be the star of his own film, The Big Adventure (1921) – which was directed by his father.

B. Reeves Eason Jr. Two Kinds Of Love 1920

On Friday, October 21, 1921, Breezy, who had recently finished filming The Fox (1921) with Harry Carey, was playing like any six year-old at his home at 1130 North Orange Street in Hollywood. At some point, Breezy ran out into the street in front of a truck; the driver was unable to avoid hitting him. The boy was taken to the California Hospital where surgeons worked to try and save his life.

Breezy Reeves Jr & Harry Carey in the 1921 film "The Fox"

Harry Carey was notified about the accident shortly after it happened. He was at the Agoura ranch in Calabasas, about 25 miles northwest of Hollywood, working with 1,000 long-horns for the film, Man to Man (1922). Carey and Breezy had appeared in two films together and the actor had become very attached to the youngster. When he heard about the accident, Carey left the filming and raced to the hospital to be with Breezy.

For the next four days, Carey never left the hospital or Breezy’s side, holding his hand until the end. Despite the surgeons attempt, little Breezy died from his injuries on Tuesday, October 25, 1921, less than a month before his seventh birthday. Breezy was taken to the Strother and Dayton Mortuary where services were held. On the day of his funeral, all operations at Universal were suspended. “Breezy” was interred at Hollywood Cemetery and was one of the first actors to be buried there.

The Los Angeles Times said of Breezy:

“Breezy was just a kid. He was all freckled and usually dirty but somehow his passing upset the big industry that grinds out motion pictures.”

Breezy Reeves Eason Jr Grave

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