Thursday October Christian II - Pitcairn Island

Thursday October Christian II

Grandson Of HMS Bounty Mutineer

Fletcher Christian

Pitcairn Island video, 24 years after Thursday October Christian II passed away

On the 1st of October, 1820, Thursday October Christian was born on the tiny isolated island known as Pitcairn. Thursday October Christian II was the grandson of HMS Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian and son of Thursday October Christian Sr. and Teraura.

Fletcher Christian wanted nothing that would remind him of his home of England, so he named his son after the day and month he was born. Hey now....stop right there and don't judge. I think Fletcher Christian was the first celebrity to start the trend of unique baby names. I mean Kim Kardashian named her kid North West....Just saying!

On 24 March, 1839, Thursday October Christian II married Mary Young. Mary's father was HMS Bounty mutineer Ned Young. Mr. Young served as a midshipman aboard the HMS Bounty and on Pitcairn he spent his time teaching others to read and write.

Together Thursday and Mary had 17 children together! Oh and Thursday October Christian II stopped the tradition of naming his kids after the day and month they were born on. Sadly seven of their children would pass away before adulthood.

For some reason Thursday October Christian II and his family relocated to Norfolk Island for quite some time, but he eventually returned to Pitcairn island in 1864. Maybe he and his family felt Norfolk offered a better way of life, but later came to the realization that they missed their home.

Thursday October Christian II was elected leader of Pitcairn Islands. He held this title in 1844, 1851, 1864, 1867, 1873, 1874, 1880, and 1882. The title was "Chief Magistrate". In those days the election was held once a year, on New Year's Day, and was open to re-election. Anyone above the age of 17 was allowed to cast their vote for Chief Magistrate.

October Thursday Christian II passed away 27 May, 1911, after having lived a long and interesting life. As they say on Pitcairn Island......

"In the sweet by and by,

We shall meet on that beautiful shore"