Haunted Oregon - The Bandage Man Of Cannon Beach

The Bandage Man


Cannon Beach Oregon

I recently came across this old story of the "Bandage Man". I was interested in it due to the fact that so many people have had an experience, or encounter with this creepy figure since the 1960's. The Bandage Man is a phantom of a man completely wrapped in bandages that haunts Cannon Beach Oregon. The bloody figure, who smells of rotting flesh, jumps into vehicles passing on a road outside of town, notably pickup trucks or open-topped cars, but also sedans, station wagons, and even sports cars. Sometimes the bandaged mummy breaks windows, or leaves behind bits of bloody or foul-smelling bandages. One legend has it that he is the ghost of a dead logger cut to pieces in a sawmill accident.

One night, two local kids were up there doing just what teenage boys and girls do when they are parked on dark lonely roads. The boy had an old Chevy pickup and his girl and he were sitting in the cab. All off a sudden they felt the truck sort of lean, like something was moving around in the bed of the truck. They turned to look out the rear window and there looking back was a bandaged face, with only some weird looking eyes showing through eye holes in the bandages. The bandaged figure started beating on the glass, and the top of the cab. The kid started his engine, got it gear and tore out of there-his girlfriend screaming in terror as the man in the back continued his pounding. Any of you who've been to Bandage Man road, or Cannon Beach, know how curvy the roads are and to drive them at high speed is dangerous. On they went, after what seemed an eternity they made it to downtown Cannon Beach, where the boy's family owned a service station that they lived next door to in greenhouse. Once they got there, they looked in the back and the Bandaged figure was nowhere to be seen.

Supposedly the best place to sight this strange man is to go down the now abandoned old highway that runs parallel to the main highway through the forest. But you definitely want to go at night, as day sightings are practically non-existent.

He moves through the trees, then leaps violently onto the road, attaching himself at last to an unassuming car. Like any self-respecting figure in an urban legend, the Bandage Man also has a particular fondness for teenagers who park too long in moonlit roadside spaces, reveling in any opportunity to send their wheels spinning back to supposed safety. Mysteriously, by the time the carload of screaming (laughing) innocents arrives in town, the horrible fiend has disappeared, leaving nothing but the remnant of a bandage, laced with the stench of decay.

Do you believe in the Bandage man?....